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Asphalt Paving, Milling & Maintenance

Holbein, Inc. is well versed in applications including municipal and state road construction, gas and oil industry services, bonded road maintenance, utility trench restoration, asphalt milling, path and trail paving, new construction, parking lot reconstruction and patching.

Our equipment has the capability to pave from 2' to 24' wide in a single pass and be controlled with Topcon grade management systems to achieve very low tolerances. We currently have three paving crews and all necessary equipment on hand.

Affiliated with natural gas companies, Marcellus Shale industry, industrial facilities, manufacturing facilities, numerous general contractors, private enterprises, and residential.

asphalt truckUtilizing a regimented maintenance schedule on properly constructed asphalt surfaces will add many years to the life of a lot or driveway. Adopting a maintenance schedule after an asphalt surface has already begun deteriorating in combination with asphalt patching is also recommended and will increase life of the asphalt.

Asphalt Milling


Holbein, Inc., proudly owns and operates a 4 foot asphalt milling machine and is prepared to complete mill and fill projects, asphalt overlay, parking lot reconstruction, utility trench restoration and much more.

Asphalt Maintenance

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As a full service asphalt provider we are unique in our philosophy because we believe in taking a proactive and periodic approach of maintenance to protect the investments that our customers make. To prolong the effective life of your lot or driveway we offer a full line of maintenance services:

We recommend sealing lots and driveways every three years. The purpose of sealer is two fold: it gives the lot a fresh rejuvenated look and it seals up small hairline fractures that will grow into larger cracks with the freeze and thaw cycle. We do not recommend sealing every year. The accumulation of sealer on an asphalt surface will create a rigid membrane that will crack and look like a dry lake bed.

Crack Filling
In conjunction with sealer it is recommended that hot rubberized asphalt be poured into any cracks at 1/4” or bigger. This keeps water from seeping into the sub-base and retards from further lot deterioration. We recommend immediately repairing any potholes either by milling an area out and repaving or through infrared repair. Infrared repair is a process where the asphalt is reheated and kneaded back together.

Line Painting
We offer line painting services including line stripping with engineering and advisement on current ADA regulations.

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Screened topsoil, reclaim asphalt, shale, limestone and river gravel for sale. Delivery available in bulk quantities.


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