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GPS, AutoCAD and 3D Design

Holbein, Inc. has a Topcon Global Positioning System and is capable of performing topographic surveys. We can download blueprints into this equipment and conduct job layouts throughout a project, sustain 3D grade management, and then generate build documents and drawings when complete.

Holbein Inc. owns and operates 3D CAD software that allows us to make topographic maps and site plans from the GPS data. We can collect data by measuring a site and create a better understanding of the size and scope of work that the customer wants. With our software we can create a 3D rendering of a customer's job. This allows us to clearly illustrate to them the finished product of their project and assure everyone has the same ideas. It also aides them in understanding exactly what the costs and size of a job will be. This can be done at our hourly rate or through a bid package for anyone interested.

top soil truck

Screened topsoil, reclaim asphalt, shale, limestone and river gravel for sale. Delivery available in bulk quantities.


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